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Horrible News.  Our #1 Cheerleader, Fundraiser, Grant Procurer, Program Organizer, Supply Clerk, Treasurer, Minstrel, Friend, Mother, and Wife, Marcy Reich has passed away.  

Click here to read her obituary

Is this hawk wearing lipstick? click here for the story


Photo by Chris DeVico



More Adventure in the DeVico's Yard  click here

Mark Blazis Article on "Bear Banding"  Click Here

The Ivory-billed Woodpecker still extinct!  Click Here

New Songbird Discovered - Bare-faced Bulbul - Click here to read all about it.  Click here to read more about it and look at the pictures.

Article on HIV - Deer Tick Saliva Study 

Article on Alaska, on the lookout for Avian Flu, submitted by Dr. Reich

Bird Populations in Trouble  submitted by Steve Vincent

Worcester Sunday Telegram and Gazette:  A Merry Band

Audubon:  State of Birds USA 2004

Extinction may claim Hawaiian bird

Reuters:   Lights-Out Policies in Cities Save Migrating Birds

CNN:  Why Do We Band? 

Reuters:  As Ice Thaws, Arctic Peoples at Loss for Words 

Worcester Telegram and Gazette Article on the Sturbridge Christmas Bird Count. 

Worcester Telegram and Gazette Arcticle:  Vets Find Lyme Risk is Great in Dogs

Telegram & Gazette, Jill, Sarah, and Dan, Sub-Permitees!

Sunday, June 18th, 2006 Article starring Mark and Helen!  Click here to read

June 2005 issue of All Bird Alert

New York Times:  The Amazon at Risk

New York Times:  Ivory Billed Woodpecker Found in eastern Arkansas!

From the National Biological Information Infrastructureís Spring 2005 newsletter:   Itís Easier Than Ever to Follow the Birds

Check out this link to NPR that Dr. Reich submitted.  There are several articles on the Galapagos Islands being under threat.

Click here: NPR : Galapagos, Under Threat

Dr. Reich sent in some really great articles.  Click HERE to read about the Ivory-billed Woodpecker and hear a recording and click HERE to read about Global Warming and the path to extinction.

Check out the newest edition of the Audubon Newswire:  CLICK HERE

Study: Hummingbirds refuel in mid-flight   Click here

New Bird Discovered  Click Here

Read the UNU Report on Global Warming Click HERE

Quizzes, Games, & Random Fun Info

Mattie Quiz #2   (Click to open)    Answer Sheet

Mattie's Quiz (If you don't find this challenging enough, try identifying the hand holding the bird!)

Check out this quiz that Mattie found: 

We've all heard "gaggle of geese" or "murder of crows"  but have you ever heard of a "charm of goldfinches?"  Common Bird Group Names

Rare Hummingbird hospitalized on the Cape!  Click HERE   Thanks Steve Vincent!

Click HERE:  Birds in Peril in Britain Article  Link submitted by Joan Sharkey!

Check out this little guy - a gecko that is smaller than a pencil eraser!  Thanks to Joan and Mary Sharkey!  Click HERE

Everyone except Keith, David Sheridan, Mattie, and Maryann missed a great trip on Saturday, 1-16-10.  Read Tim Factor's account of our little voyage.  Click HERE

See What You Missed by Not Joining us on the Boston Harbor Tour! Click HERE to check out a few of David Sheridan's amazing photos.  The 2011 trip!

Check out this link to the International Union for Conservation of Nature- Home that Dr. Reich submitted:  IUCN

Steve Vincent submitted this article about another extinct species. Click here

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