The Auburn Saw-whet Owl Project

A simple phone call to Strickland Wheelock from Keith MacAdams was the beginning of the Auburn Saw-whet Owl project.  Keith, Kim, and Gary Hetel took a trip out to observe Strickland's crew in action, scoped out a place to set up nets at the Auburn Sportsman's Club, obtained the needed pliers and bands, Keith bought a black light and the rest is history. 


11/19/04  "Ms. Vegas" is the Lucky Number 7 owl added to our collection.


(above photos courtesy of Steve Vincent)


Ms. Vegas (above) and Little Kim (below) courtesy of Mattie VandenBoom

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The following pictures were taken by Stephanie Donaldson and they are all of "Little Kim."


"Little Kim" is the first Saw-whet Owl caught by the Auburn Bird Banding Team.  She is a beautiful little girl.  In the short time spent processing "Little Kim", she managed to make eye contact with all the research assistants in the room.  It was almost a religious experience.  The whole room was in awe.  Looking forward to our next owl.  Maybe a male next time so we can call him "Little Keith." 

Chad, Little Keith, and Hermanetta, all caught first round 10/29/04.

11/6/04, "Little G" was caught on the 2nd round.  Unfortunately, "Big G" was not there to meet "Little G."   Mordecai was caught on the 4th round.  


16 Owls Captured Friday, 10/21/2005,  Check out the pictures, Click Here

4 Owls captured on 10-27-06.

Florence, an AHY Female

Little Kerry, a SY Female

Lola and Carlotta, both TY Females.



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