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Once upon a time Chris and Rita DeVico were hanging around their yard,

check their gardens, minding their own business. 



All of a sudden they spotted this beautiful hawk in a nearby tree.

It didn't stay in the tree for long.

The hawk flew through the DeVico's yard.

Then it flew by the neighbor's house.

And it flew a little more...

and landed in another tree.

Also in the tree was a nest of baby Blue Jays nestled into a hole. 

The hawk poked around in the hole, looking for lunch.

And poked some more.

And poked some more.

Finally the hawk found what it was looking for and flew to the ground.

The hawk checked out Rita and Chris and could tell by the grossed out looks on their

faces there was not a chance of them grabbing his prey... but wait...

  It is too grassy to eat here.  The hawk decides to move to a different picnic area...

and not being shy about eating in front of people the hawk went about eating his lunch...

and everyone lived happily ever after except for the baby blue jay.

The End

(Thank you Chris and Rita for these amazing photos!)

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