We are back in the DeVico's yard again. 

Rita and Chris are checking on their gardens again. 

Taking their camera for a walk again.

 In addition, to checking the gardens, they are checking out the birds on their feeders. 

Some birds are checking Rita and Chris back.

Others are turning their backs.

Some could care less.

Rita and Chris are also trying to get a photo of their robot lawnmower Deiter,

but he is just too shiny and too fast for them,

so they decide to focus on the bees instead. 

Bees are neither fast or shiny.

They are cute and fuzzy,

and are happy doing what bees do.

Unlike these female Yellow-shafted Flickers,

who were really doing some weird displays.

But this allowed Rita and Chris

to get some really cool photos,

and no baby Blue Jays died.

The End