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The Amazing New Adventures of Larry and Mark - Peru, Land of the Incas

Chapter 10

Modern Hands, Ancient Art and Tradition

It's about 4PM and we're taking a break.  Unbelievably, we still have two

more major archeological sites to go today, and these are BIGGIES!

One thing you can expect when you go anywhere with Mark Blazis:  you

will squeeze every single moment out of your trip!

 We have entered a very nice jewelry fabricating and retail business.

I don't remember the name, but even the plants look like they're on steroids!


 The artisans doing all phases of construction are hard at work, in an open

shop for us to watch. 



 The bare-bones silver, before precious stones are inserted.


Here at this tub, a young artisan takes the naked silver piece and starts finding

the semiprecious stones in the sink, and grinds them, one at a time, to fit the

spaces in the jewelry piece.

 When you walk into the jewelry shop proper, you first walk into

this guy looking at you.


 These ornate statues are patterned after real ceremonial  clothing found

in tombs.  Gold and silver were plentiful, and were not prized by the Incas for their

value, but for their beauty and workability.  More on this later when we talk

about how the invading Spaniards viewed these gleaming metals. 




The Inca soldiers did have shields and metal armor, but their spears and

their clubs were no match for the Spaniards on horses with early

gunpowder weapons.



More soon!

Larry Reich

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