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The Amazing New Adventures of Larry and Mark - Peru, Land of the Incas

Chapter 16

The Andean Market of Pisac


(Sorry it took so long to get the next chapter out.  Getting my daughter home from college

and then the Boy Scout Yard Sale took up a lot of my free time for two weeks !)



 The town of Pisac, Peru is famed for its colorful market, full of craft goods -

pottery, woven fabrics, and agricultural goods.



Vendors selling ears of cooked corn, wrapped to go.



Elderly lady, dressed in colorful local cloth styles.



Plenty of colorful crops for market.



In this country, you will usually find only yellow corn, butter-sugar corn,

popcorn, and maybe corn nuts (a large roasted corn increasing in popularity.)

In South America, there are hundreds, if not thousands of varieties of corn.



Pots of all of the natural dyes for sale.



Some fruits familiar, others not so.  Small finger bananas are really nice,

and are beginning to show up in the U.S.  There are hundreds of types of

bananas which we never see in this country.  The apples are not local -

they are probably from the more temperate zones further south like Chile.

The tangerines are wonderful.  When picking fruit at one of these markets,

it is safe to take and eat as long as you can peel the skin.  If you are not

careful and eat the food wherever you go, you will probably end up suffering



The Incas had thousands of varieties of potatoes of all colors, shapes and sizes.



The riot of color is all around you in the market, with locally

woven tapestries for floor or hanging.



Silver jewelry is cheap and varied.  You can find whatever you want.






Hungry?  How about the national dish of cui = Guinea Pig.

The delicacy is always served with the head looking at you.

More soon!



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Larry Reich


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Myrt's comment:  Larry, I hope the upcoming chapter "A Remarkable Lunch" has nothing to do with Guinea Pigs!


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