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The Amazing New Adventures of Larry and Mark - Peru, Land of the Incas

Chapter 17



We leave the markets at Pisac, getting hungry but with our last thoughts on

the plate of cui being served at the market.  After my last chapter, one of my

readers asked me if I'd eaten any guinea pig.  Actually, I have.  When I was

visiting my daughter Sarah when she was working in the Ecuadorean cloud

forest a few summers ago,  we went into a restaurant which specialized in

cui.  The served it fried -- head and all.  I swear the waiter placed it in front

of me with the eyes looking at me.  I don't remember if I was hungry, but I had

enough after  a few stringy bites. 


A few kilometers down the road, in the town of Yucay, our tour bus enters

a stone-walled villa named Wayra, which means wind in Quechua . 




As we enter the property, we pass one of the stables.  The Paso horses of Peru

are powerful, similar to Arabian and Morgan breeds.  In Peru, the breeders focus

on temperament and gait.



Our dining tables are set on an open porch.



The view is incredible.  There are guest  houses behind the fields.



The meal had several courses, with fresh fruits and vegetables,

all wonderfully prepared.




After the meal, we sat on benches to watch a special program unfold.



The four horsemen rode with grace and precision.



One of the horsemen performed a dance with a

costumed woman.



All of this is happening with gorgeous surroundings.



Two dancers come out to show their love for one another.



There is a mountain peak - peeking behind these "low hills."

Anywhere else, these hills would be mountains themselves.



The mountain is Chicon  at 5400 meters of the sea level  - 

about 17,500 feet.



They showed us their elegant dining hall which sits

ten, adjacent to their wine cellar.  But unfortunately,

it's time to move on.




More soon!


Larry Reich


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