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The Amazing New Adventures of Larry and Mark - Peru, Land of the Incas

Chapter 26

Layout of Machu Picchu


One of my readers was asking why I was slowing down on chapters lately. 

I have so many things I want to say and show that it's hard to figure out

what should come first.  Everywhere you look, there are exciting things

to see.  Once we got onto the path, our guide Willow took out a map and

reviewed the landscape with us.  It would probably take several trips to

see everything.



Machu Picchu means "the Old Mountain."  



The city is divided into three districts: A-agricultural, B-religious, and C-urban. 

The religious or sacred area occupies the highest crest of the hill,

at the Intihuatana (pictures to come.) 



One of the many terraced areas at Machu Picchu is labeled "A" on

the map.  Terracing makes the land fit for agriculture,  and can better

feed a population which lives on the side of a mountain. 

The  buildings  at left bottom are reconstructions with thatched grass roofs.

Barely visible at the top is the (Inca) caretaker's hut.  We will be up there soon.

Where the person with the white shirt is, I tried to get off the path onto the grass,

and immediately someone whistled to me to get back onto the path.



At the crest of the hill is the area of the Intihuana, one of the

most important religious sites at Machu Picchu.  More photos later.



The urban area houses the most people  (estimated a maximum

of only 200.) 


Now we are going to start looking at different areas in more detail starting in

the next chapter coming soon!


Larry Reich



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Laurence Reich 


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