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The Amazing New Adventures of Larry and Mark - Peru, Land of the Incas

Chapter 28

Water, Water Everywhere...

 The architects of the Inca were masters at directing water

flow where they wanted it.  In the case of Machu Picchu,

the city would never have been possible if water had to

be hand- or llama-carried from the river far below.  Stone

had to be cut and fitted to bring the water from the mountain

of Machu Picchu above, and to control rain water.



Here are two pieces of stone carved to conduct water, just like pipes

centuries later.   The groove is about 4 inches wide.


Old fountains, once excavated by Hiram Bingham and later groups, began to

run again once cleaned up.



 Drainage provision was everywhere, when you looked for it.






More carved water way.

Think of the man-hours for just one piece of this!

And no metals harder than bronze were available then!



Bingham's first photograph of the "toilet area."



Facility hadn't changed when Bruce Field visited it!



Willow demonstrates this small isolated room, which had a hole

in the floor which had running water when Bingham found it!

To discourage tourist "use", the water has been diverted from it.



But it doesn't discourage certain tourists from

"assuming the position."



We'll clean up our act for the next chapter coming right away!


Larry Reich


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