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The Amazing New Adventures of Larry and Mark - Peru, Land of the Incas

Chapter 30

The Temple of the Sun


The Temple of the Sun was used for ceremonies to honor the Sun.

On the June 21 Summer Solstice, the sun entering its window will

form a perfect square on the floor.



1911 photo by Hiram Bingham of the Temple of the Sun,

after removal of some vegetation.  At that time, he called it

the Torreon, or Tower.



It is the only circular construction at Machu Picchu.




It is very precisely built, with projections around this

window of unknown use.



Marcia is on wooden stairs, adjacent to the originally stone-cut

stairs.  They don't want people walking on them any more.



 The Temple of the Sun was built around a large stone.



Marcy and Carolyn Field below the Temple of the Sun.



Below the great rock that the temple is built on is a small cave, with some of the finest

stone work done by the Inca.  It is believed to be a mausoleum,



which has niches used for royal mummies.  While stones in other parts of Machu Picchu

have moved (see later chapter,) it's clear to see these stones haven't moved in 500 years.







This central stone was cut to this form, and the other stones were

built to it.  You can see the burial niches behind it.  With no

written records, we can only guess now.





More soon!


Larry Reich


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