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The Amazing New Adventures of Larry and Mark - Peru, Land of the Incas

Chapter 31



The Condor is South America's largest  bird.  It has a wingspan of

up to 8 feet, and it can fly to great heights.  The Condor was and is

still revered as a symbol of power and majesty.


This construction is an irregular shape, that has been built to the outlines of the pre-existing

rock.  There are caves here for rituals, and stone carvings which have been said to be a

representation of a Condor.








The triangular rock on the floor is a stylized head with beak, eyes, and

a ruff of feathers around the head.

The rock formation above is a pair of outstretched wings.



Willow points out the head and beak of the Condor.





Helen Blazis is doing some of the narrative for

her future Peru video from within the Condor cave.



Lots more to come, as we wander around Machu Picchu.



Larry Reich


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