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The Amazing New Adventures of Larry and Mark - Peru, Land of the Incas

Chapter 34

Animals in Machu Picchu

When we were walking some of the back paths up in Machu Picchu,
sharp-eyed members of our group noticed some activity here.

High up on the wall, one of our crew spotted a very small hummingbird.
The Green and White Hummingbird is a bird common to Machu Picchu
and the local humid forests.
The small rodent which came out of hiding is related to a chinchilla,
and looks like a small rabbit.  It is native to the Peru highlands, and is
usually found between the tree line and the snow line.  It will eat
almost any plant material.
The spotted whorl-tail lizard was spotted (haha) on one
of the rocks up at Machu Picchu.
The rufous-collared sparrow is a bold little bird, which landed within
three feet of me while I was setting up to take some long telephoto
pictures.  Naturally I had to change lenses.
They are very common in agricultural areas, suburban gardens,
usually above 2000 feet in elevation.  Their range is southern
Mexico to the southern tip of South America
Next: More soon! We take a break from Machu Picchu for a little while.
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