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The Amazing New Adventures of Larry and Mark - Peru, Land of the Incas

Chapter 36

A Foggy Morning in Machu Picchu



I took a long break in my story.  I tried to do some chapters on the history of

the Inca, and got mired in detail.  So I'm back to the pictures for now.



It's early morning on July 4.  We're up an out to get up to Machu Picchu

for our second day.  It's really dark.  I get a photo of Dr. DeTora in front

of a Betty Boop Nursing Station.  Do they really dress like that down here?



On our way up the mountain, our wonderful panorama 

of yesterday is nothing but fog. Our day will be ruined. 

But Willow says not to worry - the mist will all burn off.



We reach Machu Picchu,  and there is no view at all.


The young guys in our group - Jill, Dave, Rick and  Ben

pose for us in the mist before they leave with Willow.  They

plan to climb the steep peak called Huayna Picchu.



After a while, we get our first break in the clouds over the peaks.



A little while later, the clouds start to lift and the beauty

of Machu Picchu starts to return.



Our view is now restored, and we will spend the rest of the

morning exploring.




Coming soon: The Sacred Rock, and the Intihuatana


Larry Reich


You may reach me with comments:

Laurence Reich 



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