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The Amazing New Adventures of Larry and Mark - Peru, Land of the Incas

Chapter 37

The Sacred Rock


The Sacred Rock is a large stone, set into a pedestal of smaller border stones.  As in

many places in Machu Picchu and elsewhere in the Inca lands, this rock reflects in

miniature the skyline of Mt. Yanantin in the background.



All this stone has to come from somewhere. Part of the rock used  in the

construction of Machu Picchu came from The Quarry.  In this picture,

you can see the quarry behind the are which I described as the Sacred Square.

(See?  You're starting to recognize parts of the landscape already!?)

The caretaker's house is in the middle near the top of the photo.  More later....



Standing in the quarry itself, we are now looking back at the

Sacred Square.  Machu Picchu was an unfinished project, and

many of the stones lying here show some workmanship on them.


Among the rocks are some which show signs of  having been worked but never

completed.  I just can't imagine an Inca stonemason saying to a worker:

"I want a piece of stone 6 lamas (I just invented a unit of measurement) by 4

lamas by two and-a-half lamas.  Go cut it and bring it back. And back he comes

with the stone, only six days later.  Did they have a version of the carpenter's motto: 

 "Measure twice, cut once."

They had no metal tools harder than bronze, but did this all with just bronze and

stone tools and wood and water.  How the hell did they do it?



 My last photo out of the quarry may have been something I just imagined, but

maybe it was set up this way.  Just like the Sacred Rock  imaging the distant

mountains,  these tilted rocks mimic the distant mountains.





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Larry Reich


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