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The Amazing New Adventures of Larry and Mark - Peru, Land of the Incas

Chapter 39

 The Sun Gate


The Sun Gate entry point from the Inca Road is continuous all the way from and

past Cusco.   It is the first view the Incas had of Machu Picchu on entry to this valley. 

Mary, one of the members of our team, is pointing out the

Inca trail leading down to Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate.



Several of our team, including Lynn, Wanda, Ken, Dr. DeTora, and Dr. Field

climbed up to the Sun Gate, along with Marcia, our assistant guide who is

Willow's sister.  I chose to stay back to explore more of

Machu Picchu and to be ready to take photos of the mountain team

climbing the peak (coming soon.)



Parts of their climb looked like a walk in the park.



But the view opened up very quickly down below.  You get a very

clear view of how steep the peak of Wayna Picchu is.  Our youth

team is climbing this right now.



With this photo, you get a good feel for how isolated the city

is from the valley below, and you see the auto road snaking

up the mountain.  It's hard to imagine how the Inca built a trail

up the side of Wayna Picchu in the background.



Trail is a little rougher here.......You were hoping maybe this railing would hold you?



Don't look down! And the Inca messengers ran these trails!



They made it!  Altitude of 2720m is only 8800 feet, but it looks higher. 



At the gate, a stop for a photo op.



Intipunku or Sun Gate has two large stones that correspond

 to the  winter and summer solstices, and on these dates the

gates are illuminated directly by sunlight.



Next:  On to the Watchman's Hut.


Larry Reich


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