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The Amazing New Adventures of Larry and Mark - Peru, Land of the Incas

Chapter 40

 Watchman's Hut and Funerary Rock

At the foot of the path from the Sun Gate, on the upper terraces

is the Watchman's Hut. The Inca Trail enters the city just below this hut.



We used the paths to get up there, but centuries ago, the main route from one

terrace to the next were the stone stairs.



The Watchman's Hut is one of a few buildings that has been restored with

a thatched roof, making it a good shelter in the case of rain.  The building

was either for the caretaker of the terraces, or guarding the path from

the Sun Gate, or Funerary Rock.



Helen is checking out the stone steps.



She made it down, and back up again.  Now, imagine doing it in

little leather thongs or barefoot!



Most of the buildings in Machu Picchu are missing most of their stonework for

the pitched roofs, but this is one of the few buildings which were re-built.



Detail of the roof.



Roofs were made of the tough Andean grass are held in

place with rope of animal gut or skin.



The Funerary Rock is adjacent to the Watchman's Hut.

Hiram Bingham believed that this was a mortuary stone,

where the nobility were laid to mummify in the cool, dry air.



Detail of the top.



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