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The Amazing New Adventures of Larry and Mark - Peru, Land of the Incas

Chapter 41 B

 The Assault on Wayna Picchu - Going Up!

I took this photo of Wayna Picchu the first afternoon - July 3 - while the sky was clear. 

This peak doesn't look like something anyone sane would want to climb.



But then I took out my telephoto, and looked closer at the peak.  Hundreds of years

ago, some crazy people actually put terraces and stone buildings up there!



Here's our team going with our guide Willow:  Jill, Dave, Rick and Ben.

Willow has hiked this hundreds of times, and even won races.

I can't imagine anyone I'd want more on a hike like this than Willow.

They are counting on Willow being right about the fog clearing.




You have to get to this gate early.  Only a few hundred are allowed

up there daily.



When I took this photo, I actually thought it was our team, but later I couldn't

match our team to these clothes.  But it shows you what the climb looked like

from our point of view, once the fog lifted.



Next: the climb from their point of view!



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