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The Amazing New Adventures of Larry and Mark - Peru, Land of the Incas

Chapter 41d



I cannot take the credit for planning ahead, but someone drew a couple

of American flags on paper, and we brought them with us today to

celebrate.   All the fog is gone, and just an occasional wisp of cloud is left.

We are standing on one of the upper terraces, where, when Willow

calls, I will train my 450mm camera lens on the peak of Wayna Picchu.



From the top of the peak, this is how we look.



We get our call, and Marcia - Willow's sister - tells us they are there.

Through my lens, I can barely see some people on the top of the peak.



Here are some of the views from up top of Wayna Picchu.   


Here's our crew at the top, photo taken by Willow, looking down.





Here they are at the top with Old Glory.





 Here they are from down below, holding up the flag.


I haven't tried to figure out how far this shot was, but I laid my camera

on the ground and held my breath while taking these pictures.

Here's a closeup.  I don't think I did half bad. 

Josť can you see...............?




Next: We have to go down?


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