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The Amazing New Adventures of Larry and Mark - Peru, Land of the Incas

Chapter 43

 Last Views of Machu Picchu

The grass on the terraces is kept under control by the gardeners.

They ignore the tourists and keep on mowing.






Turn around, take another photo.  You can't get a bad picture here.



In a shot from above the Temple of the Sun, you can see  on

the lower left part of the aqueduct which was built to transport

water all over Machu Picchu from the mountains above.




You can just fall into a picture like this one.



 Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge


Our team has made it safely down from the heights of Wayna Picchu. 

There's probably not a micron of adrenaline left in these guys.  They

used it all up. We are now planning on refueling at the restaurant of the

Sanctuary Lodge behind us.  If  you're willing to drop lots of money, you can

stay here all night, see the sunset and then see the sunrise.  We have

lunch, and then prepare to head down the mountain to see other things.



 Inside the restaurant, the walls are covered with prints, which I find out later

are part of explorer/discoverer  Hiram Bingham's original photos.



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