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The Amazing New Adventures of Larry and Mark - Peru, Land of the Incas

Chapter 52 B

 Museo Inka


Our last museum in Cusco was the Inca Museum.  We were not allowed to

 take photographs in this museum but I somehow forgot and did it anyway.

I wish I had gotten more pictures here.



You'd never see a sign like this in the U.S.



This is an artist's conception of the process of building the Inca walls.

Notice hitting stone with stones, measurement with string,

and laser cutters (just kidding.)


Cutting holes into the skull, a process called "trephination,"  has long been considered

a way to release evil spirits.  This patient survived the hole (green arrow) and the bone

has healed some, but did not survive the wound to the top of the skull (red arrow.)






In Quechua, Pachakutiq means "He who shakes the world."

During the reign of Pachacutec, Cusco grew from a small town

into an empire.  He began conquests which would eventually,

within three generations expand Inca sovereignty over nearly

the entire western side of South America.


Only a couple chapters left now!

More soon!


Larry Reich


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