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The Amazing New Adventures of Larry and Mark - Peru, Land of the Incas

Chapter 53

 Back to Lima



At last we had to say good-bye to the uplands in Peru,  and we flew back to Lima the last morning.  After having been at elevation of 6,000 to 13,000 feet over the past week, it felt funny to be down at ocean level again.



We took our tour bus down to the Pacific coast.  The beach in Lima wasn't

much to write home about, but the view above the coastal road was more




These hills must generate some great updrafts, because

there was someone clearly enjoying the air.



We came down the beach to the Rosa Nautica pier.



The whole pier feels very solid.  I don't suppose they get

hurricanes down here in the Pacific Ocean.




Dr. and Mrs. Field enjoyed the view, and got their

last couple portrait.



We walked the pier, checking out the shops there as

our friends on the rocks below



Sally Lightfoot crabs, checked us out.  As long as you don't

get too close to them, they stay in one place.  But as we

see in the Galapagos (that's the next story!) they are

really quick!



We enjoyed a fabulous luncheon, where we could relax

and celebrate our trip and the wonderful service we

received from our guide, Willow, whose real name

is Wilfredo, and his sister Marcia.



Willow and Marcia back at Machu Picchu



Marcia,  guess where (see those stone walls?)



Willow gave us our last tour of Lima, and we visited the

Peru Gold Museum, where they made it clear that if we

wanted to get out of the country, we could not take any

photos.  So we didn't.  What are they afraid of?  That we'd

take a picture of an old gold artifact and duplicate it?  Hardly.


For our very last excitement, we got up extra-early to leave Lima,

because there was worry of a taxi strike.  And if that had happened,

our group would have had to WALK to the airport.  As it happened, we

were able to get motor conveyance to the airport and all was well.




Coming Next Chapter:  Going to Peru and seeing Inca and Pre-Inca history.



Larry Reich


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Laurence Reich




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