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The Amazing New Adventures of Larry and Mark - Peru, Land of the Incas

Chapter 6

On the Road to Saqsayhuaman

We are now on our way to our first archeological sites just above

Cusco.  In Peru, they don't like to call them ruins anymore.

Saqsayhuaman is just outside Cusco, a mere 1,000 additional

breathless feet above - makes it about 12,000 feet.



We stop for a view over Cusco.  You can get a feeling for the valley that the

city is in from this photo.


We are able to spot the Monasterio Hotel by the courtyard with the cedar tree in it.



One of the Andean women is there in full dress, with her llama, just waiting for people

like us with cameras and money. 



Everyone got their picture taken with the woman, like this one with Mark and Helen.

I think this is the only photo with the woman smiling.


Just back up a little more, won't you?



Christo Blanco - White Christ - sits above Cusco, a gift from the Palestinian people

to the City of Cusco.



 On the road to "Sexy woman," as Americans like to call the archeological site,  we are driving

though the puna region. These open, tundralike grassy hillsides and plains extend from

snowline down to about 12,000 feet, (I'm getting this from Google!) are mostly covered with

 yellow/tan "ichu grass."  This grass is favorite food for the llamas and alpacas, and it is used

by roof thatch by the highland Peruvians.




 The best thing the Spaniards brought to this region were the oxen.  They learned how

to use the bulls to work the land easier.  When a father builds a house, he puts

these images on the roof to protect the house:



The bulls work the land

The pot represents produce: corn beer chiche, and means

hope to have produce from Mother Earth - Pache Mama

The rooster, the dog

The light blue cross: heaven. This is a mix of Andean and Catholic religion

The ladder represents the path to heaven



 We're at 12,000 feet here - remember?

I was out of breath just watching them! 




Everywhere you go, the ornament is there.



More soon!


Larry Reich


You may reach me with comments:

Laurence Reich


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