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The Amazing New Adventures of Larry and Mark - Peru, Land of the Incas

Chapter 7

Tambo Machay


Tambo Machay is our first Inca archeological site.

Our bus stopped here, with no sign of ancient construction.


This sign means we are over 12,000 feet up. We walk down the 

path into the site but not very fast. 


Wouldn't everyone like to have a llama in their back yard?


Water was worshipped by the Incas as an element of life.  There are Inca

baths are found at nearly every important Inca temple.  These are one  

of the more impressive bath sites, and they are replenished by underground

springs, the source of which is still unknown.

Willow is showing us the "living rock" structures were built right into the

natural stones of the earth.


The water flows continuously hundreds of years later, and this complex has three levels which channel the spring water.


  There are impressive walls above the springs, with ceremonial niches above

that the nobility might have sat in, after ceremonial washing.  The original

Quechua name - Tampu Machai - "the resting place of kings."

 Time and again, we will see the angled wall - the trapezoid shape of the niches -

which it is felt can help to spread out the lateral forces during an earthquake.

We walked up the hills (slowly) above the site  In the scrub is a

Sparkling violet-eared hummingbird (see red arrow).  At that distance, I really

didn't get a good photo. Shown also is a cheater from the internet.


 It's not just the hummingbirds which like the small flowers.


Over the top of the ridge, we can see our next goal in the distance -

Puca Pucara. 

 Down in the scrubland below us is a larger bird.  A kestrel is scouting

out the land, looking for prey.  I wish I was a little closer to get better photos.


By the look of this picture, I think it found something.

 More soon!

 Larry Reich

 You may reach me with comments:

Laurence Reich

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