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Owl Banding 10/21/05

Keith's e-mail tells the story:

Greetings All,
    We had an excellent evening at the pistol range tonight. We captured 16 Saw Whet owls. Not bad for just a few hours.
    Of these 1 escaped from the net prior to removal, 1 escaped during processing but prior to banding, and 2 where recaptures from some where else. The remaining 12 where banded, photographed, given nick names and released. 1 of these was a definite male, 3 where unknown sex, and 8 definite female according to the wing chord to weight tables.
     We have moved the nets to a different location, closer to the parking lot, and it seems to be working well for us.
    This is the same weekend we started last year, according to our records.
    Saturday's forecast doesn't look to promising. We will make a decision by noontime, and send out an e-mail as to whether or not we are banding.
 Hope to see you all soon,

Our first owl of the evening was # 8 (remember we captured 1 through 7 last year).

# 8    Little Sarah  (no photo available)

# 9    Charlize 

# 10    Ook   

# 11    Isabell   

# 12    Little Em(ma)   

# 13    Vixen     

As you can tell by the picture, Vixen was not happy to be captured.  She also ruined Gary's perfect record of not being bitten or clawed.  Vixen made Gary scream like a girl!

# 14    Sweet Pea   

# 15    Little Nicky     

# 16    Juan Pablo   

# 17    Chloe   

# 18    Ana Lucia

# 19    Little Mama   

Additional Pictures



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