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This photo of a Cedar Waxwing was taken by Kirsten Reddoch, May 29, 2004, at the Auburn Sportsman's Club.  Click to enlarge.

This Photo of the Week was taken by Mattie VandenBoom while vacationing in Bermuda.  It is a White-tailed Tropic Bird, better know as the Bermuda Longtail.  The Longtail is a pelagic bird (stays out at sea) returning to Bermuda to breed.

This is a great picture of Keith MacAdams at one of the mist nets.  It was taken by Dwight Bruinsma, Maryann Hetherman's grandfather.

This is a digital photo of a Bald Eagle that was taken on the Kenai River in Alaska.  The photo was taken by Ray Johns, avid angler and outdoorsman and longtime friend of mine.

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When Kirsten Reddoch told this Blue Jay to smile, that's just what he did!  It's a beautiful picture Kirsten, keep up the good work.

Good Parenting

The handsome guy, Gary Hetel, with his daughter Jill after a hard day of bird banding.

Oops!  Where'd they go?

Jill, Sarah, and Brian, up in the tree, looking for birds.   To see other pictures of the Seventh Grade field trip click here.

(Photo by Mattie VandenBoom)


Pretty in Pink?

(photos by Mattie)

Haven't caught one of these in a while!

This wonderful picture of Golden Crown Kinglets was taken by Mr. Steve Vincent.

Thanksgiving Turkeys (and just plain old turkeys every other day of the year!) Photo by Mr. Vincent.

Taken by Steve Vincent 11/14/04 while taking down the nets.  This photo would make a wonderful Christmas card. 

Bringing Down the Nets!

Courtesy of Steve Vincent



These photos by Steve Vincent, "Learning Moment" and "Identification" do an excellent job showing what the Auburn Bird Banding Team is all about.

Garrett carefully attaches the strings to the owls his father retrieves from the nets.

(Photo by Mattie)

This Scarlet Tanager is about as scarlet as a purple finch is purple!

Her hair looks pretty good for being up so early in the morning!


Tom and Stephanie Donaldson and Steve Vincent knew this was a Worm-eating Warbler.

"I don't really eat those filthy earthworms and it ticks me off that everyone calls me a worm-eater!  Why don't they call Robins worm-eaters?  They are always pulling worms up for lunch.  I prefer caterpillars." 

Think Spring!

Someone I work with, Ed Austin, was kind enough to forward this picture to me.  A friend of his took it last spring.  He called it "Breakfast in Bed."


A few photos from Ecuador by Mattie. 

(Click picture to enlarge, hit back to return to this page)

This photo of an Ornate Hawk Eagle was taken by Stephanie Donaldson while visiting Ecuador during February vacation.  Stephanie describes the events surrounding this wonderful photo: 

"Tom, Mark, Helen, and I (with Jose as our guide) took a boat from the bird-banding site to a place on the bank of the Napo River where a trail disappears into the rainforest. From there we hiked about a half-hour in the intense heat and humidity, through slippery mud, and several streams, to get to a blind built overlooking a very special mud puddle. The puddle was formed where some water seeped out of the base of a steep hillside. It is special because the clay there contains minerals that several species of parrots need to eat, to neutralize the toxins in their diet of fruit and seeds. Two of the species that frequent the salado, or mineral lick, are ones that we had never seen before, the Orange-cheeked parrot, and the red-shouldered Parrotlet.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at the blind, we could see no parrots at all, though we could hear them in the forest canopy. Something was scaring them. Suddenly they all flushed and were gone. We followed Jose as he went back along the trail a little way, and spotted this Ornate Hawk-Eagle perched in a tree near the trail! The bird sat there for quite a while, watching us watching it. We were all able to see it well, taking turns looking through the spotting scope. I took this picture through the scope with my digital, point-and-shoot camera.

Since this was the first time several of us had seen this species, and since it is such a rare bird, we decided that it was a pretty good trade, to see this bird instead of the 2 species of parrots that were scared away. Even better, the following day, we returned to the same salado, and we saw both species of parrot that we were hoping to see."

Goodbye Juncos, Hello Warblers!

Photos by Mattie VandenBoom


The Last Picture I Ever Took" Exhibit



The following photos were taken by Stephanie Donaldson.

The first is a pair of Blue-winged Warblers, the second a photo of our first Rusty Blackbird and the third a comparison of the Rusty to a Common Grackle.


The following picture was taken by John Paul Livingstone and is appropriately titled

"The Bickering Couple."

Happy Retirement Mr. Blazis!


The Auburn Sportsman's Club certainly makes a beautiful backdrop for Sarah, catching up on her ZZZZs!  Photo by Stephanie Donaldson

Garrett MacAdams took this picture of a Barn Swallow trying to build a nest at the Sportsman's Club.

This picture was taken by Stephanie Donaldson and it is a wonderful picture of her husband Tom in action.  Does anyone know what type of bird he is holding?  The first one to e-mail with the correct answer will win a prize!

Check out What Gary Hetel Caught to Match his Jacket!  This is an Orange Variant of the Scarlet Tanager.  Photos by Dr. Larry Reich.  (click on the pic to enlarge, use your browser back button to return)








Mattie VandenBoom brought her camera on vacation, but it didn't get to relax!  Above is a few of the many photos she took.

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Photos taken by Mattie at Leesville Pond in Worcester.  Thank you to man who helped us find the heron.  It may have been Alan Marble, but I didn't catch his name. 

We captured and banded a Blue-headed Vireo (below left) and a White-eyed Vireo (below right). 


Check out the white on this Chickadee:   

And the claws on this Catbird: 


Finally, someone besides Mattie gave me pictures.  (I do drive Mattie nuts begging for pictures)  The first picture of the Yellow-breasted Chat is from Kirsten Reddoch, the second from Sarah Reich (notice Dr. Reich in the background), and the last one from Mattie.


Kirsten and Mattie also snapped pictures of the Black and White Warbler (Kirsten 1st, Mattie 2nd).


And Mattie found out that a bird in the hand is much easier to photograph than one in the bush.  Mattie took these pictures at Wachusett Mountain Sunday, 9/25,  while waiting for some hawks to fly by.  Anyone have any idea which warbler this is?  Send your answer to


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Garrett allowed Mattie to take a picture of his feet as a special Halloween Treat! 

Thanks Garrett!!


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One angry bird, one clawed Sarah!


Photos and caption by Dr. Reich



"Hey, didn't I see you in Costa Rica a few weeks ago?--It's a small world, eah?"


"So, good looking, you want to go out for dinner?"

Steve Vincent came up with both of these lines and wins an tee shirt.

"Release please, release please, that is too tight....I'm meant to be free."  "My mate is waiting for me right over there in that tree".

                Caption submitted by Shirley Shuler,NC

This week's "Caption" photo taken by Ed Morin at Misquamicut Beach.  He also supplied the winning caption!

"Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy."

Ed said that when he took the photo he heard the bird saying "Here, fishy, fishy, fishy."


Just leiing around!

"Watch how this is done, its your turn when I get back!"

Caption of the Week Winner:

Judi Harrington of Worcester, MA

Photo by Ed Morin

Photo(s) of the Week

Submitted by Stephanie Donaldson

"My tux is at the cleaners - yours too?"

Caption submitted by Dr. Larry Reich


Photo by Stephanie Donaldson, taken in Ecuador during February Amazon Trip.


Spring is Here!  Pictures above taken by Mattie, March 25th at the Swedish Cemetery:


The picture of the Woodcock above was taken by Jim McKeon on Friday, the 13th of April, in Beaver Cove, Maine.  They had just received 14 inches of snow and this bird was looking for something to eat.  (Click to Enlarge)

Photo taken by Kim MacAdams


Purple Finches?  I see Finches, but I don't see Purple, or even Red!  Mary and Gary caught these last week.      Pictures by Gary

Gray-Cheeked or Swainson's Thrush, who's more handsome?

Photo by Mattie VandenBoom

I want to see David and Brian Band this birdie!!!

Photo taken in the Bahamas by Joan Sharkey's friend Tony.

What species is this bird?  Submit your response by 4-30-08 to be eligible for a Grand Prize!!!



Photos by Steve Vincent


(click pictures to enlarge, press back button to return)  Photos by Justin Dion

Picture of the Week by Andy Foster

The Oriole was eating grape jelly and is safely separated from Spooky by a screen.

Above photos by Mary Sharkey, below by Gary (Don Jacuzzi) Hetel


"Sometimes you need a blue background, sometimes you don't!"  says Mary Sharkey


"Why do all the birds we catch think they can beat me in a staring contest?" asks photographer/birdbander Mary Sharkey.


We don't know what is in the water in Grafton, but Justin, Keith, and Mattie have been catching some weird birds!

These very cool Photos of the Week were submitted by Debi Verseckes.  Debi is a new member of the Auburn Sportsman's Club and is looking forward to checking out the Banding Operation. 4/09


Mary and Gary were lucky to be able to use one of our largest bands, size 3, Monday, May 4th, 2010 on this beautiful Yellow-shafted Flicker and our smallest band, size 0A, on this cute little Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

Photo submitted by Mary Sharkey

Young Yellow-crowned Night Heron

Older Yellow-crowned Night Heron

Photos taken by Joan Sharkey's friend Tony

The above baby pictures were taken by Joan Sharkey's friend Tony.


Photos of a Northern Jacana taken by Joan Sharkey's friend, Tony, while in Jamaica.

Mattie took this photo in the Ninigret Wildlife Refuge September 1st.  The deer was about 10 feet from her and he just kept eating.

Click Photo to enlarge it

This photo was taken and submitted by Debi Verseckes.  This beautiful fox was in her back yard!

Photo taken in the Bahamas by Joan Sharkey's friend Tony.  (I have got to meet this guy!)


Submitted by Dr. Reich

This photo was taken by Joan Sharkey's friend Tony.  The bird is an Anhinga.  I have no idea what type of tree that is but it makes a beautiful backdrop.

This picture was taken in the Bahamas by Joan Sharkey's friend Tony.  Mattie will send the first person to correctly identify the bird $10.  David Sheridan will send the second person to correctly identify it $5.

Snow Goose?  This bird has a lot of nerve calling himself a Snow Goose.  He's spending the winter in the Bahamas posing for Tony, Joan Sharkey's friend.  Not too much snow there.


Wendy Andriole of Johnston, RI, snapped this photo of a Downy Woodpecker while he was having breakfast in her back yard.


Major drama going on in the Anriole's back yard.  The Flicker and Jay ended up ganging up on the squirrel and chasing him away.

Click  Photo to enlarge use browser Back button to return to this page.


Major drama going on in the Anriole's back yard.  The Flicker and Jay ended up ganging up on the squirrel and chasing him away.


Steve Norton is the Winner of $25 ($12.50 from Mattie, $12.50 from David Sheridan!) for correctly identifying this bird as a Spotted Sandpiper.

Believe it or not this is a colored pencil drawing of a White-cheeked Pintail done by Joan Sharkey's friend Tony!  I have got to meet this guy.


For those who missed it, this is the Palm with the growth on his beak.  Photo by Mattie.


Photo by Chris and Rita DeVico

Photo by Rita and Chris DeVico


Correctly identify this baby bird and David Sheridan will give you 5 dozen eggs!!


Pictures by Dr. Reich of the Yellow-breasted Chat captured September 19th, 2010.

Click photo to enlarge, use Back Button to return.

Bobolinks by Joan Sharkey's friend, Tony.


Taylor's New Friend

his Screech Owl has taken up residence next to Taylor Mason's driveway in Auburn!  Thanks for the photo Taylor!

Yup, I think it is a Bluebird!

This wonderful photo of a Yellow-shafted Flicker was take by Tricia St. Marie in her backyard.

Click HERE to see more of Tricia's amazing photos.


This Photo of the Week was submitted by Debi Verseckes.  Debi is a member of the Auburn Sportsman's Club and is very good with a camera!

This Red-tailed Hawk was flying across the street from the Auburn Sportsman's Club looking for a pre-Thanksgiving squirrel and Jessica LaComfora took this amazing picture with her new camera on 11/19/11.

This photo was taken by Joan Sharkey's friend Tony Hepburn while he was visiting Panama.  It is a Collared Aracari and I want one!  2/28/12

Photo taken by Jim McKeon outside of his home up in Maine.  I'll bet that "deer banding" is a lot harder than bird banding! 7/7/12

Also taken by Jim McKeon, can you believe that he got this moose to smile for him?  7/7/12

This photo was taken by Jeff Thompson of Charlton.  He takes amazing photos, some of which I will be displaying for the next couple of weeks.  This osprey was in Jeff's back yard eating lunch.

Don't worry kids, this fisher cat is not dead.  He was just taking a nap in the road in front of Jeff's house.


Heron Photos by Jeff Thompson

See the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher you missed if you weren't here on May 4th (2013)!  We have only caught this species once before.

Dr. Reich being chewed on by a Red-bellied Woodpecker. 

Not sure who took this photo but I think it was Larry's camera.  5/5/13


                                                                                                                      Photo by Chris DeVico

Chris said that "She made a mess making this hole as well as the other 3 or 4 she started before decided this was the best one."  2013